Wire Reel & Cable Jack Stands

For people who are in construction or other industries that require the use and dispensing of heavy cables, a jack stand can be the ideal tool to have. A cable reel jack stand works on a fairly simple mechanism. A pair of jack stands with a metal lever in between is used to provide support for the reel. This mechanism provides easy access to whatever is loaded on the reel. In fact, it can be easily unrolled with minimum friction. With well-designed stands, very little effort is required to lift the reel.

There are several features to consider when looking for a jack stand. A must-have list includes side hooking capacity, double-levered sockets, and multiple tooth pawls for strength and safety. The material the jack stands are made of, as well as the integrity of the welds that connects them, is of utmost importance. Forged alloy steel and aluminum are both good materials to look for. If the jack stands are made from steel, it can be beneficial to look for powder coating or some other means to reduce the chance of rust. While aluminum can be a great choice to reduce the weight of the stand itself, most stands are not made singly of aluminum. This is because aluminum may bend more easily than forged steel, thus reducing the weight of reel that it can hold.

It is important to select a jack stand that can handle the size of reels you typically use. While you can get a longer steel bar to place between the two stands, the force required to lift the reel so it is easily accessible can be a limiting factor. In addition, a jack stand that is not made for stability may tip over and crush someone. Therefore, seeking out a model with large, wide feet will reduce tipping hazard. While metal can be utilized, constant contact with the ground may encourage corrosion. Therefore, many operators prefer laminated hardwoods. Larger, wider feet encourage stability, even when the operator is attempting to lift a large, heavy reel. Likewise, look for the number of pounds of effort required to lift one ton. The lower the number, the less operator fatigue.

A jack stand can be an invaluable tool on many construction sites and a variety of other situations. Jack stands employ the same features as standard ratchet jack. Their purpose is to provide safe, reliable access to the material on the reel with a minimal possibility of injury.