“We used the MO9 on a 500 foot roll of 4/0 Alum. weighing approx 500 lbs (1000 + kilos). I’ve got to say I wasn’t a believer at first, however, this is the easiest unrolling of wire off a large reel, with the least amount of setup I have ever experienced! Once the reel was setup in the back of the truck we didn’t have to mess with it any more until we were finished with the job (445 feet rolled off). Thanks again for a fine, well built product. Not often we get to say that any more. The picture shows the set up.

Thanks again…. Bill”

“Hi guys,

I would like to let you know that we have been using your product.

At first I was a bit skeptical that this product could be helpful to us.

We had seen the Tug-Wise at a local electrical distribution company, and the
guys thought they would like to have one.

I relented and bought one.

This was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. We now have a
Tug-Wise in every truck, and they are used all the time.

Not having this product reminds me of bending 1/2 inch EMT with your knee.
Not very smart. And painful.

Thanks for introducing a product that makes the life of a contractor easier.

Dale Simpson
phone 902-447-2512
fax 902-447-22”

“Guess you beat me to the patent office, and also took it a step further to make it look good. See attached photo of the one I built 4 years ago and have been using ever since. This idea works great, extremely well for large reels. I have had up to 800 lbs. on mine and I know it will do a lot more. Mine has a large wood base a wheel hub from a small car for a bearing and a centering hole in the hub that we drop a pipe down into. We do not screw the base to the reel like you do. We just through the base on the ground or the back of the truck, next tip the roll of wire onto the base, adjust to centre on the base, drop the piece of pipe down the center, and away we go. Works great.I guess after seeing yours I can not keep making this product. If you are looking for a sales rep on the West Coast, let me know.

Cheers, Andrew Archer
Archer Electric Inc.”