Spring Sale 2015

We have Spring Fever and the competition is calling us “crazy”! We want to give you up to 35% our most popular model, the Tug-Wise M09 which is good for up to 1000 lbs. The more you buy today, the more you save!

During check out use the following codes:

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If you are looking to use your own shipping methods, we now have options for that as well.


Contact Jim directly via email (Jim@Tug-Wise.com) or call 1-866-924-9473 (WISE).

We hope you are enjoying the warmer weather like we are and take us up on this limited time “Spring Fever” discount.

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Haven’t seen the Tug-Wise in action yet?
Watch out demo video below (click on the image) to see how easy it works…

Tug-Wise_How It Works

Tug-Wise is a proprietary cable and wire management system for wooden reels to replace jack stands, reel holders and other products for electricians. The Tug-Wise models allow for a variety of loads to be supported with a seamless 360 degree pivot to reduce snags and obstructions.

 Click Here To Order Your Tug-Wise M09 NOW!

What Senior & Master Electricians are saying about Tug-Wise:

“We used the MO9 on a 500 foot roll of 4/0 Alum. weighing approx 500 lbs (1000 + kilos). I’ve got to say I wasn’t a believer at first, however, this is the easiest unrolling of wire off a large reel, with the least amount of setup I have ever experienced! Once the reel was setup in the back of the truck we didn’t have to mess with it any more until we were finished with the job (445 feet rolled off). Thanks again for a fine, well built product. Not often we get to say that any more. The picture shows the set up. Thanks again…. Bill”

Click Here To Order Your Tug-Wise M09 NOW!