Tug-Wise Launches New Website Featuring Wire and Cable Management Systems

Cable spool manufacturer Tug-Wise, located in Canada, announces the launch of a new website to promote their new and upcoming lines of heavy weight-bearing cable spools.

Slave Lake, AB (PRWEB) October 30, 2013

Spool manufacturer Tug-Wise is announcing the launch of their brand new website designed to promote their innovative line of wire and cable management systems.

Hoping to generate more business and market to a wider audience, Tug-Wise has launched a full service website aimed at educating and informing the consumer. Product can also be purchased directly from the website.

The website is complete with several different functions and pages. It includes a complete description of the products offered by Tug-Wise, as well as exciting news about new products they are developing for the future. Not only can a customer read about the development and creation of the company, they can also purchase product directly from the website.

For customers who may have questions about the product, a frequently asked questions page has been created. It spans all sorts of questions, from the weight-bearing capacity of the spools to the availability and durability of the product. There’s also a complete description of how the product was developed by founder Jim Emes.

Tug-Wise is aware that customers may have questions about the functionality of the product over a period of time, and to assist in assuaging any doubts, a testimonials page has been created. Customers who have used and approved of the products have written testimonials in support of Tug-Wise and their innovative new products.

About The Company:

Created by founder and inventor Jim Emes, Tug-Wise operates a full service company that’s the best in wire and cable management systems. Offering several different spool types, ranging from light to heavy weight, Tug-Wise has the variety and quality to equip the needs of any customer.

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Tug Wise Launches New Website Featuring Wire and Cable Management Systems